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Leaf Mold

Leaf Mold

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Leaf Mold
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Product Descripton:
Leaf mold is a compost made from the leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs that have broken down slowly in cool, moist conditions due to fungal action. It's a valuable soil conditioner that can be used for mulching and potting. Leaf mold is a type of organic matter created from the natural decomposition of fallen leaves, primarily used in gardening and horticulture to improve soil structure, moisture retention, and fertility. It enriches the soil with beneficial microorganisms and enhances plant growth, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable soil amendment.
Product Usage:
1. Leaf mold helps to improve the structure of both clay and sandy soils.
2. leaf mold enhances aeration, allowing roots to breathe better.
3. Leaf mold helping soil retain moisture and reducing the need for frequent watering.
4. Leaf mold provides a slow-release source of nutrients, enriching the soil over time.
5. The improved soil conditions from adding leaf mold support better root development.

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Product Code - GD00056

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