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Product Weight: 500/gm

Product Descripton:

Maximize your crop yields and promote healthy plant growth with our high-quality SSP fertilizer. As a single super phosphate formulation, it provides a rich source of phosphorus, a vital nutrient essential for plant development. Our balanced blend of nutrients ensures optimal soil fertility, allowing plants to efficiently absorb essential elements for robust growth. Incorporating our phosphate-rich fertilizer into your agricultural practices improves soil fertility, resulting in increased productivity. Designed for modern farming, our SSP fertilizer meets the demands of sustainable crop production. Experience the remarkable results of balanced plant nutrition with our premium SSP fertilizer. Trust us for high-quality products that enhance agricultural efficiency and support thriving fields.

Product Usage:

1. Prepare your home garden soil by removing weeds and debris, ensuring a clean planting area.
2. Apply our SSP fertilizer according to the recommended application rate, evenly distributing it around the base of your plants.
3. Gently work the fertilizer into the soil using a garden rake or hand tool, ensuring proper incorporation.
4. Water your garden thoroughly after fertilizing to help nutrients penetrate the soil and reach the plant roots.
5. Monitor the growth and health of your plants, making additional fertilizer applications as needed to maintain optimal nutrition and promote lush, thriving plants in your home garden.

Product Code:
Product Code - GD00047

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