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Product Weight: 250/gm

Product Descripton:

Introducing SAAF Fungicide, your ultimate organic solution for effective plant disease control. Our premium fungicide is specially formulated to combat fungal infections and protect your plants from harm. With its potent and natural ingredients, it provides a safe and eco-friendly alternative for managing plant diseases. SAAF Fungicide helps maintain optimal plant health, preventing the spread of harmful fungi and ensuring your garden thrives. Our carefully crafted formula offers reliable disease prevention, giving you peace of mind as you nurture your plants. Experience the power of organic gardening with SAAF Fungicide, the trusted choice for plant care and fungal infection treatment. Say goodbye to plant diseases and embrace a healthier, flourishing garden.

Product Usage:
1. Prepare the solution: Dilute SAAF Fungicide in water as instructed. 
2. Apply to affected plants: Spray the solution evenly on foliage, stems, and affected areas. 
3. Ensure thorough coverage: Coat both upper and lower leaf surfaces. 
4. Repeat as needed: Apply regularly, especially in humid conditions or during outbreaks. 
5. Practice preventive measures: Maintain plant hygiene, remove debris, and ensure proper ventilation.

Product Code:
Product Code - GD00048

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